японский текстур пак для майнкрафт

1.14 JAPPA Textures for Minecraft 1.8!

This is probably the closest thing you can get to the newest Minecraft experience in 1.8.

This resource pack ports all of the textures added in 1.14 to 1.8. This includes not only just the «texture» aspect of newer versions but also models, item names, and ctm textures.

• All textures have been changed to the JAPPA 1.14 textures (o f course ).

• Connected glass, glass pane, bookshelf, and sandstone textures (OptiFine, CTM).

• Beds are now 3D both in and out of the inventory.

• Pressure plates use accurate model in the inventory and hand.

• Mob and player head models have updated 3D model.

• Rotated stair models in inventory.

• Fixed fence and fence gate models.

• Fishing Rod item model has been updated in hand.

• Fixed slime block cullfacing.

• Fixed glass pane models.

• Item and Block name changes (English, US).

The other two downloads are MediaFire links for the 2 different versions of the pack. One is the standard pack which strictly takes textures and other assets from version 1.14.4. The other pack not only uses textures from 1.14 but also 1.17 and up and will be regularly updated with each update’s changes. The most obvious changes this results in are inclusion of the new 1.17 ore textures along with the new compass and clock.

Check the pictures to see more of what these features look like in game. I hope everyone enjoys the pack and any advice or bug reports are welcome in the comments!

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