hollow knight текстур пак майнкрафт

Hollow Craft (1.12.2, 1.14, 1.15, & 1.16)

Many items in this pack are renamed. To get the full experience from this pack, change your language to «English (Hallownest)»

This pack brings the world of Hollow Knight into Minecraft! Here are all of the changes:

Replaced Emeralds with Geo
Replaced Diamonds with Pale Ore
Updated all diamond related achievements and advancements
Made Netherite Abyss themed
Changed Ancient Debris to Abyssal Ore
Changed Netherite Scrap to Abyssal Scrap
Changed Netherite Ingot to Abyssal Egg (looks like arcane egg but with gold flakes)
Abyssal block’s color adjusted to match other abyssal items

Replaced swords with nails
Replaced all diamond tools with pale tools (pale nail, pale axe, etc.)
To make pale items distinct from iron items, pale items are given slightly different designs, different outlines, and are brighter (see media gallery)
Replaced all netherite tools with abyssal tools (abyssal nail, abyssal, axe, etc.)
Abyssal tools are all animated with gold
Changed lanterns to lumifly lanterns (animated)

Replaced iron, gold, diamond, and netherite helmet with masks
Removed sleeves from all chestplates (except diamond and netherite)
replaced leather and chainmail chestplates with leather/chainmail cloak
replaced iron and gold chestplate with iron/gold shell
Gave diamond and netherite armor different designs from other armor.
Pale mask looks like monomon’s mask
Pale chestplate is renamed as «Pale Mantle» and looks like Pure Vessel’s armor
Waistband for Pale Leggings is lower than other leggings
Abyssal armor loosely based off of the Lord of Shades
Diamond horse armor replaced by pale horse armor.
Elytra renamed «Monarch’s Wings»
All achievements and advancements changed accordingly

Skeletons, strays, zombies, skeleton horses, and zombie horses now have orange infected eyes.
Cave Spiders have infected eyes and infected sacs on their bodies.
Wither skeletons replaced with torchbearers (see Grimm Troupe section)
Bees replaced with Hivelings

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Hearts replaced with masks that shatter when taking damage.
Hardcore mode hearts are steel soul masks
Poison hearts are hearts with infected eyes which flash orange when taking damage
absorption hearts (yellow hearts given by golden apples) are lifeblood masks
Armor icon replaced with a shell
Horse hearts replaced with stag heads
Hunger bar replaced with soul orbs
When under the hunger effect, orbs will appear cracked
Empty head armor slot replaced with the knight’s head
Empty chest armor slot replaced with mothwing cloak
Empty shield slot replaced with dreamshield

Changed absorption to Lifeblood Heart
Blindness icon is now No-Eyes
Dolphin’s grace icon is now Durandoo
Changed glowing to Radiant
Icon changed to The Radiance
health boost icon is now a lifeblood cocoon
Hunger is now a broken soul vessel
Night vision icon is now a lumifly lantern
Changed poison to infected
Icon changed to lightseed
Changed regeneration to Hiveblood
Changed Speed to Sprintmaster
Changed strength icon to two nails in an X pattern
Weakness icon changed to fragmented nail
Changed Wither to Troupeflame (see Grimm Troupe Section)

Conduit power icon is now Monomon’s archives
Nautilus shells are now Archive Shards
Heart of the sea is now Heart of the Archives (animated)
Conduit has been recolored to fit with Archive Shards and Heart of the Archives
The heart of the archives is animated for Optifine users

Wither Skeletons replaced with Torchbearers
All achievements and advancements changed accordingly
Torchbearers are animated for Optifine users
The Wither replaced by The Nightmare King
Texture made by Nikolai78 and edited by me
All achievements and advancements changed accordingly
Nether star replaced with Heart of The Troupe (animated)
All achievements and advancements changed accordingly
Beacon replaced with The Eternal Torch
All achievements and advancements changed accordingly
Wither rose replaced by Troupe Rose
Wither effect renamed to Troupeflame
Wither hearts replaced by Troupe colored masks
Wither icon now looks like the first troupe torch you find in Hollow Knight

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Raid renamed Trial of the Fool
Pillagers replaced with sturdy fools
Vindicators replaced with armored fools
vexes replaced with winged fools
witches replaced with soul twisters
Evokers replaced with Stagehands
This new mob looks like a sturdy fool, but has 6 diagonal eyes and white armor.
Changed Bad Omen to Fool’s Omen
Icon changed to Little Fool
Changed Hero of the Villiage to Fool’s Mark
Replaced totem of undying with Zotem of undying

Added pack logo as a painting
Added easter egg to paintings
Cave Spider, torchbearer, drowned, pillager, vindicator, vex, evoker, and witch eggs recolored to fit new textures (requires Optifine)
Map changed to Map & Quill (with quill color indicating whether it is a normal map or a ruin/structure map)
Soul Sand changed to Sibling Sand and made to look like the sibling masks at the bottom of the abyss
Soul Soil changed to Sibling Soil and recolored to fit with Sibling Sand
Gravel is generally darker with brighter highlights to be easier to differentiate from Sibling Sand
Bedrock made darker and will have a pulsing black glow (requires Optifine)

—How to make your wooden sword look like the 1st sword in Image #2—
Go into the item files of the resource pack (Hollow Craft>assets>minecraft>textures>item) you will find that there is a second skin for the wooden sword, which looks like Zote’s Life Ender. If you want to use that texture, rename wooden_sword (the original texture) to wooden_sword3 and then rename wooden_sword2 (Life Ender) to wooden_sword. If Minecraft is open, press f3+t to reload the resource pack.

Texture made by Atom596

This pack is constantly being updated. Be sure to subscribe so that you will know when updates go live.
IMPORTANT: If your game crashes when trying to load the resource pack, just try one or two more times and it should work.

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Nails and Shades | Hollow Knight Datapack

Higher beings, these words are for you alone.
Beyond this point you enter the land of Mobs and Crafters.
I welcome you, The First Hollow Knight datapack,

Nails and Shades is a Minecraft Hollow Knight datapack, which will eventually add all kinds of different Hollow Knight weapons, ranging from the Knight’s trusty nails you can upgrade at your local nailsmiths in villages, to Zote’s mighty life-ender. But we’re not stopping at just weapons, fellow insects. You can have The Knight’s very own abilities, as seen in Hollow Knight, varies from the majestic Monarch Wings, the fast and furious Crystal Heart, to the terrifying Abyssal Shriek.

The datapack is currently on its’ very early alpha state, and future updates are primarily focused on the second half of the Caves and Cliffs update (1.18). At its current state, the datapack contains:

Old Nail
A traditional weapon of Hallownest. Its blade is blunt with age and wear.

Pressing sneak and holding the nail above certain metallic and slimy blocks will allow you to bounce on it. You’re also able to bounce on any enemies, dealing them a good amount of damage. (Though, it’s recommended you do this on smaller mobs, as bigger hitboxes can make this move more difficult.)

Batwing Cloak (Mothwing Cloak)

Allows the wearer to dash forwards along the ground or through the air.

In the future, you can craft the Batwing Cloak using Bat Wings and Strings, but for the time being, you can directly get the cloak by killing the bats themselves. They have a 30% drop rate.

Press sneak will allow you to dash about 4 blocks forward wherever you’re facing.


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